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Either/Orth: Kwak̓wala/Bak̓wa̱mk̓ala
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Yo! This site automatically converts Kwak̓wala/Bak̓wa̱mk̓ala text between various writing systems. Just type or copy/paste text into one of the boxes, and it will appear converted in the other box.

This site can also convert between any of the following writing systems: U'mista, UBC IPA/NAPA, UVic IPA/NAPA, Grubb, Boas. Click here to choose a different orthography.

Some writing systems aren't exact equivalents, so you may not get a perfect conversion. Sometimes it's necessary to have a human expert look over the results and fix things up afterward. Also, this site is still in testing, so you might find some bugs or errors. If you do, email Pat and let him know!


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